Toyota Estima Aeras

Toyota Estima Aeras

Our Operating lease standard package comes with following Coverage and benefits for a complete peace of mind:

  • Comprehensive motor insurance
  • Annual road tax and vehicle licensing fees
  • Vehicle maintenance & servicing throughout the lease
  • 24-hour roadside assistance service for Singapore
  • 24-hour accident reporting on site
  • Wear & Tear Replacements such as tires, wiper blades and car batteries
  • On site vehicle pick-up and exchange service for servicing and repair which include accident.
  • Unlimited mileage with usage in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Free Replacement Vehicle when your lease vehicle is due for servicing.
  • Low Insurance Excess/Deductible


1. Business card if any
2. Contract must be sign by authorise signatory stated in the ARCA
3. Provide Principal driver. Passport/NRIC and Driving Licence with residence address


1. Monthly income should be at least 3-4 times of the monthly leasing repayment.
2. Provide past 2 years latest Income Tax statement- Notice of Assessment (NOA)
3. Latest Employment Letter with salary
4. (vi) Employment Pass, NRIC or Passport (A copy front and back) with residence address
5. International driving licence, Singapore driving licence or Country driving licence (A copy front and back)
6. Qualify age and Driving experience – Min age 24 with Valid driving license more than 2 years
  • How long can customer lease a car?
    From Monthly Basis to max 7 years lease.
  • Can customer sign under personal lease and later transfer to another person or companies?
    Yes, they can. Customer will sign a novation agreement (Fee $300/-) Novation party must be equal in term of financial status.
  • Can customer retain their NCD if they sign a lease program with us?
    Yes, they can. Hirer can only retain their NCD with AIG insurance only. Hong Seh motor will provide a free accident letter to hirer after the lease period to AIG.
  • Can customer buy back the car they hired?
    Yes, customer can provide us with “Letter of Intent to purchase with amount” At the end of the lease we will base on a reasonable market value to sell the car.
  • Is there a diplomatic clause to exit contract (For Foreigner)
    Yes, Hirer must inform us before lease contract start. Standard lease contract comes with no termination. (Lease prices normally higher depending when customer want to exit the contract).
  • Can the car be sublet or use as Grabcar?
    No. Insurance does not allow us to do so.


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This vehicle has been inspected by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or service partner and includes additional services.

1840 E Garvey Ave South West Covina, CA 91791

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    1 YEAR  : $2,650 per mth
    2 YEARS :  $2,550 per mth 
    3 YEARS : $2,450 per mth
    4 YEARS : $2,350 per mth
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